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Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game


Author: Orson Scott Card

Best Part About This Book: This was the first science fiction novel I’ve ever read that I actually enjoyed. Why is that? Perhaps because the characterization and relationships of Ender felt real to me. And also, there’s a strong female character in the book (Valentine), often missing in sci-fi. It’s listed among the 50 most significant science fiction books in the official Science Fiction Book Club, as well as having won both the Nebula and Hugo awards.

What’s missing: Most criticisms have involved the uber-violence of the main character, making him into a bloody young hero.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I couldn’t put this book down. Its message is compelling: all beings deserve to survive. Genocide is a  serious crime. The story is told with deep compassion, and though sorrow is threaded throughout the book, the ending is one of hope and rebirth. And fun for the youth: all the heroes are kids. In Card’s foreward, he explains why he believes kids are much more mature and ready for this kind of story than adults can ever give them credit for. Thus this story is appealing for all age groups, because the storyline is tough, but the kids overcome the challenges.