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Author: Jonathan Kellerman

Best Part About This Book: It’s a page turner, and the metaphors that sprinkle the pages aren’t cliched, but actually rather original.

What’s Missing: A surprise ending. I don’t think I’m a particularly good detective; instead, I felt Kellerman was leading me along so obviously that I wanted to rip to the ending to make sure this wasn’t just my imagination. And it wasn’t: I saw right through the plot, which nevertheless was quite enjoyable.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Despite having never read an Alex Delaware novel, Kellerman’s lead player, I didn’t feel lost or a lack of character development. The detectives are hard-boiled but show a relieving amount of sympathy once the bad guys are caught. While some may find the outfits of the characters a repetitious sort of description, I was actually impressed at the man’s eye for detail in clothing for both men and women, and it helped to picture the people better.gone
This is a harmless, one-timer read. Compared to Cornwell, his details are just as believable fact-wise but more believable character-wise.
The clues he dropped were glaringly obvious of tell-tale horror to come, yet I still was kept gripped to the ending with the fast-paced action and several interesting side plots.