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Harry Potter

Harry Potter (Akademos, Inc.)

Author: J.K. Rowling (Click to learn more about one of the most successful authors of our time)

Best Thing About the Books: In my opinion, it’s that it’s got people excited about reading again. Reading anything is better than not reading at all. Besides which, Rowling (rhymes with bowling) creates an entire world which truly comes to life, everything that fantasy should be.

What’s Missing: Well, I think the books are good and I’d recommend them to anyone. Although, what planet do you live on, if you haven’t read them yet? I wouldn’t, however, call them the best of children’s books ever. I would vote Roald Dahl for that award.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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The Harry Potter series is a seven-book group. Each one can be judged for its own merits; my favorite is number 4, I think. The first book was not nearly as thrilling; the series gets better as Rowling goes along. The legions of followers Harry Potter has created is evidenced by the fact that only Oprah is a richer woman than Rowling. Harry Potter and his creator both are now household names. It’s a little creepy to think so many people around the world have read the same book at the same time. If Rowling had put a subliminal message in the books, think of what mass influence that would have. . . Sorry, I don’t mean to be paranoid.

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