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The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages

Author: Gary Chapman (Click to read more about the author who started a new movement)

Who Should Read It: Anyone who’s in a relationship

Best Part About This Book: Recognizing the way you like to receive love is different than the way others do. Very important!

What’s Missing: Not much. Maybe this is oversimplifying but it’s fun.

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

I remember when this book came out as a fad almost while I was in college. Everybody was quizzing their significant others to discover their language of love. The best part about this look on relationships is it admits the fact that we all receive love differently. I mean, when my husband and I were dating I thought he was so touchy all of the time. He needed so much affection I thought, man, he must be lonely or something. But then I realized his language of love was, and still is, touch. Definitely not mine. But I know what I need to do when we’re in a fight to make him feel loved. Anyways, the point is after reading this book you’re going to walk away thinking about all the people you know and the way you ought to be showing them love. And what’s more, you might look back on the people who expressed their love language in a way that you don’t, and realize they were really showing how much they cared. Like that roommate who gave you really awesome Christmas gifts.