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Valley of the Dolls

The Valley of the Dolls

Author: Jacqueline Susann

Best Part About This Book: The lives of celebrities are compelling. Maybe because they usually aren’t just normal people like the rest of us. The three women spotlighted in this book are not born celebrities, but rise to their fame due to their own talent and beauty. And then destroy it with pills–the “dolls.” Written in 1966, this book was an expose of pop culture before its time. And you get the feeling the author knows what’s she’s talking about. A beauty queen herself, she became a media star through this and other books.

What’s Missing: Elaborate, delicate, or otherwise intelligent prose. No, the writing is not something you’d find in a high school English class. . .

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

This book is almost entirely dialogue. The women are so real, though, they jump off the page: and it’s women who dominate the book, not men. Some of the language is offensive today, at least not p.c. (fags and broads fill the book.) And I found it laughable that the word “lesbian” was constantly capitalized. The story is a light read, quick-paced, and entertaining. The movie included a soundtrack by the successful John Williams.