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Want the Bible’s perspective on SEX?

Song of Songs - God's Design for Sex and Intimacy
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Guy Talk Girl Talk

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After a few decades in youth ministry, we’ve realized something—guys and girls are different. And significantly so, at that. So rather than the usual “one message fits all” approach, we’ve created an extensive 10-week small group curriculum with two paths, each specifically tailored for one gender or the other.

This small group curriculum series will help your students get solid biblical insight on topics ranging from friendships and gossip to peer pressure and sex. Designed to get your students talking about significant and real issues that they face everyday, you’ll see your students begin to open up, share their thoughts and feelings, and witness the formation of deep and lasting friendships.

And since the entire series is written twice, one geared for guys and one for girls, you can be certain you’ll get examples, discussion starters, and goal setting tips that you can use right away.

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