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Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, Supermodel, Talk Show Host, and Actress

Favorite Books: Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears by Verna Aardema (as a child) and Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume

Books She’s Written: Tyra’s Beauty, Inside and Out (how girls can make the most of their natural beauty)

Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out
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Short bio: Tyra Banks is exotically beautiful, but there’s much more than a pretty face here. She’s an advocate for several charities, promotes female self esteem, and has established herself in many genres, including TV show hosting and business.

Model Tyra Banks’ new book focuses on self-esteem

April 3, 1998
Web posted at: 3:50 p.m. EST (2050 GMT)

(CNN) — Supermodel Tyra Banks is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she’s much more than a pretty face. She’s giving her time to celebrate the accomplishments of young women. Banks discussed her new book “Tyra’s Beauty Inside and Out” with Daryn Kagan on CNN Morning News.

KAGAN: You’re in (Washington) to celebrate some special young women.

BANKS: I’m honoring six great young women. It’s called the Cover Girl-Seventeen Volunteerism Awards, and it honors six women that have been in the forefront of giving their time and volunteering. (There is) a girl starting (a) homeless organization, and she was 13 years-old — as well as another young girl that (helped) the people in Bosnia.

KAGAN: It sounds like you’re interested in celebrating inner beauty, not just outer beauty.

“I just think as a model, it’s taught me to be a master of deception and illusion. I know how to hide it to make people think that my body is perfect, when it’s far from that.”
— Tyra Banks

BANKS: Exactly. People look at models and they (think) we are just faceless, we have no personalities. I enjoy talking, and I am a leader in volunteerism myself. I volunteer a lot of my time with an organization in New York called The Center for Children and Families.

I think it is so important. It makes girls feel better about themselves by helping others, and I’m a strong supporter of self-esteem for young women.

Tyra Banks (Today's Superstars Entertainment)
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KAGAN: That sounds like a good reason why the title of your new book is called “Tyra’s Beauty Inside & Out.” And in the book, you talk about how even you — beautiful, gorgeous, tall, amazing Tyra — can feel insecure about how she looks.

BANKS: Oh, yes, I feel like every woman has something that you just don’t like on your body that you want to hide. And I have them, too. I have the cellulite and the stretch marks and all that.

I just think as a model, it’s taught me to be a master of deception and illusion. I know how to hide it to make people think that my body is perfect, when it’s far from that. And also, you know, in my book, I talk about retouching and how in pictures, it’s all about lighting, makeup … and that can make anyone look perfect. I have a page in my book (that demonstrates this).

KAGAN: Right, look at that page. That’s really interesting. We have a before and an after.

BANKS: I get so much mail from young women saying that they are so insecure when they look at me, but they don’t realize all of the flaws that I have.

Watch Tyra Banks Show How to Apply Makeup

Watch Tyra Banks Apply Makeup Part Two

KAGAN: Now, you say there is a zit there. Tyra, I don’t see a zit on that before (picture).

BANKS: You know what? I am so mad because the arrow is on the zit, and the book is printed and there is nothing that you can do about it.

KAGAN: And here is the after of that same picture. What are some of the things that have happened? Because this is how people associate you. They think that is Tyra.

Tyra Banks 24X36 Poster #02
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KAGAN: And what are some of the things that they have done to make that picture look like that?

BANKS: Well, there’s lots of makeup… very, very thick makeup. I actually had a heat rash. I came back from, I think, India, and had a huge heat rash all over my face. So they put thick makeup on me, and it still didn’t cover the heat rash that much. So… we took the computer retouching and we cleaned up all of that.

I also have kind of dark circles under my eyes. That picture doesn’t show them too well, but they are pretty dark, and we retouched those off, too. There is only so much that makeup can do, and I like to tell young girls that.


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